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Just what is Eve2 all about? 

Well, put simply it's like this ... the first Eve was created to be the helper for Adam. Famously they managed to screw things up just a bit, and God made them clothes. But it wasn't all bad. Adam and Eve went forth and multiplied a heck of a lot and ... well, here we are today! And now, after all these years we felt it was high time Eve2 came along to help not just Adam ... but all and sundry! Especially churches, charities, small businesses, heck - even large business if you want, schools, colleges, clubs, and just about anyone who needs stuff printed. Specialising in clothing, posters, banners and stickers we can cover it a lot better than Eve1's little fig leaves. However, do look out for those fig leaves because they will save you some cash along the way! 

So welcome to Eve2! 21st century printing and digital products for 21st century people. Call us on 03333 22 EVE2 (03333 22 3832)